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Don't Tell My Grandma
Don't Tell My Grandma
Madness Behind the Music w/ Natarowei
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Hi listeners! 

Concluding this first round of conversations with our guests, we have saved the best for last. Natalie, or Natarowei, as her fans know her is a talented artist and composer who doesn’t hold back on expressing her raw thoughts and emotions through her music and art. She has been a dear friend for many years, and we are so proud of her trajectory and courage to put herself out there. 

It is our greatest pleasure to bring you this colorful conversation with our friend and put a spotlight on her expressive music. We hope you enjoy it and check out her work. If you want to know more about her, you can find her on her social media accounts and your favorite music platform. 

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Madness behind the music w/ Natarowei - Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast
Don’t Tell my Grandma Podcast

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