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Master stretcher

Legend says a spunky goofball with unbound love for animals was born to love all dogs, live among them, and give them the perfect pet every time. Her name, Wendy.

A sincere and empathetic listener in tune with her emotions, Wendy always knows how to bring the best out of people, while entertaining them with her quirks and extraordinary talent in art and photography. Her attentiveness, resourcefulness, and upbeat personality, born out of her unique background and experiences, make her the friend we all want to have in our lives.



Compulsive YouTube watcher

From early on in his life, Juan knew he was destined for greatness —and yet, he wasted his time watching YouTube cat videos.

As a talented tech/random fact expert and unshakable optimistic who refuses to let fear get in the way of his self-development, you can count on Juan to show up as a natural-born leader, self-proclaimed funny man, and loving friend.

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Hey there, I’m so glad you found my little corner of YouTube.

My name is Juan, and I’m an entrepreneur, engineer, and nerd living in Japan and making fun videos about my experience as a person of color struggling with anxiety and mental health.

I’ve had my fair share of mishaps, and I know a thing or two about having big dreams and falling short, feeling like a fake, and not fitting in anywhere I go.

So, if you like to nerd out about personal growth, mental health, and creativity, or you just want to watch some funny videos every week, subscribe and we can be best friends.

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Life is messy and sometimes gets the best of us. So we break down what it means to be a decent human, find balance in life, and build healthy multicultural relationships with our quirky sense of humor.

The Don’t Tell my Grandma podcast, hosted by Wendy and Juan, brings you novel and thoughtful conversations full of quirks and humor from an empathetic and creative goofball and an optimistic tech/random fact expert living in Tokyo. 

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Our Thoughts on Long Distance Relationships

Hi there! Thanks for being here for another episode with Juan and Wendy. In this one, we discuss LDR’s and it’s many facets. Our own relationship has evolved into a long distance one recently, and we’re here to share what that’s been like for us as a…

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Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Surviving summer in Tokyo

Hi there, and thanks for joining us on another episode of the DTMG podcast! We cover an especially hot topic this episode — summer in Tokyo. So if you’re wondering whether it’s the right season to visit Japan and what the locals look forward to durin…

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Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Back From Far Apart

Hey friends! Juan and Wendy welcome you to another glorious season of the Don’t Tell My Grandma podcast. We’re kicking off the season with self-reflection, thoughtful compliments (thank you, Juan!), and insight into our experience moving through the …

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