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To Share Our Spark With the World

Share our spark with the world

Wendy & Juan

Hi there!

We are a couple of writers, podcast hosts, entrepreneurs, lifelong learners, and loving husband and wife trying to share our spark with the world. We produce content that helps people smash their self-doubt, kick bad habits, and banish shitty mindsets —all with a good laugh.

Why? Well, here is the thing. We want to give. 

To Share Our Spark With the World

Living a meaningful life is hard. We all have our demons we have to struggle with every day. We want to learn how to live above them and be of service. And to do so, we feel like we have to give.

We have to give —as much as we can— because we feel inadequate. We live with self-doubt, and we don’t feel like we are enough; Like our voices matter or should be heard. We have to give to feel valued, to be of value.

We are both outsiders, coming from challenging upbringings, feeling not quite like we fit in or belong. We went out into the world trying to find ourselves and do our best to figure out how to be of value and build something more significant than us.

We have to create for the outsiders of the world; Outsiders who, like us, are trying to find themselves and contribute. We have to create, for them, and us.

We have to tell them, show them, there is a way.

We all have felt like that at some point —Us especially. Some people have lived in this mindset for all their lives. It’s a very personal experience for both of us. So we decided to create content to speak to those people.

A Journey for Wisdom

The journey of becoming lifelong learners and share our spark with the world has not been easy. Roadblocks and resistance are plentiful. The path is not immediately apparent or straightforward. And to traverse that path, taking risks and facing challenges is inevitable. 

To build a better mindset and live above your self-doubt is an exercise of constant discomfort and introspection. It demands trying new things, developing better habits, working on your weaknesses, making mistakes, and when failing, trying something else.

Nevertheless, it’s gratifying for us to be able to produce content that helps you smash your self-doubt, kick bad habits, and banish shitty mindsets while having fun.

How then?

First and foremost, we want to clarify that we are not authorities or qualified experts on psychology or business. We are not trying to pretend to be gurus, and we will not attempt to convince you or sell you anything.

We write —and talk— about our own honest and sincere thoughts about our experiences and the lessons we glean from them. Consider our content as a documented thought or conversation between people on a journey of self-exploration and growth. Think of it as insights about how we strive to be better and live our lives in a meaningful way.

Our content reflects our thoughts and opinions in the context of our values and morals in a given period. And as such, we are allowed to be wrong, make mistakes, and change our minds. We are, after all, doing our best to clear the path and find the wisdom that life offers.

Nonetheless, we commit to figuring this thing out, share our spark with the world, and make something out of the journey and sacrifices we have made. 

We will push and face all the challenges head-on, be embarrassed and wrong until we are right.

We hope you can find some value in our content. If you’re more into listening content, check out our Don’t Tell my Grandma Podcast.

Don’t be shy, and send us an email if you want to reach out. We would love to hear your opinion.