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Don't Tell My Grandma
Don't Tell My Grandma
We Can't Agree on Anything! Holiday Tier List
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Changing Leaves and Other Fall Things

Hi friends! As the holidays approach, Juandy gets in the mood for new things that the cooler months bring, including soaking in Japanese onsen, sharing the Halloween spirit with the 2-and-under group, and of course, discovering the ever-changing conv…

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Join Wendy and Juan, a quirky couple with different backgrounds and origins living in Tokyo, in their unique and thoughtful conversations about relationships, self-doubt, and life’s challenges, as they embark on a journey to understanding themselves and the world.

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Legend says a spunky goofball with unbound love for animals was born to love all dogs, live among them, and give them the perfect pet every time. Her name, Wendy.

A sincere and empathetic listener in tune with her emotions, Wendy always knows how to bring the best out of people, while entertaining them with her quirks and extraordinary talent in art and photography. Her attentiveness, resourcefulness, and upbeat personality, born out of her unique background and experiences, make her the friend we all want to have in our lives.



From early on in his life, Juan knew he was destined for greatness —and yet, he wasted his time watching YouTube cat videos.

As a talented tech/random fact expert and unshakable optimistic who refuses to let fear get in the way of his self-development, you can count on Juan to show up as a natural-born leader, self-proclaimed funny man, and loving friend.

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