Cultural Differences

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We Can’t Agree on Anything! Holiday Tier List

Do you have a favorite holiday? Have you ever thought about ranking them on a holiday tier list? Maybe you want to battle your wife over your opinions about holidays —on the internet. Well, probably not. But we have because we care about you. Join us in this…


Changing Leaves and Other Fall Things

Hi friends! As the holidays approach, Juandy gets in the mood for new things that the cooler months bring, including soaking in Japanese onsen, sharing the Halloween spirit with the 2-and-under group, and of course, discovering the ever-changing conv…

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

International Online Dating w/ Farron and Ju

Continuing our trend of conversations about relationships and dating, this week we bring back to the table our friends Faron and Ju, representing South Africa and South Korea, to have a deeper conversation about online dating in different cultures.

Commodified Heritage

Commodified Heritage

This week, we want to talk about connecting with the past, commodified heritage, and our obsession with cultural identity.


Seeking the Past to Reclaim an Identity w/ Sam Thiara

Hi listeners! This week, we have the pleasure of bringing you our conversation with our wonderful friend Sam Thiara. Sam is a speaker, entrepreneur, educator, and the author of the book Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself. In his book…

Divorce, Infidelity, and Expectations w/ Matt Pallotta

Divorce, Infidelity, and Expectations w/ Matt Pallotta

In our discussion with Matt, we dive into society’s expectations of marriage, different infidelity levels, the impacts of infidelity on us, and life after divorce. We’re excited to share new perspectives and steer the conversation towards understanding and accepting more unconventional relationship standards.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Notorious Panty Thieves

In this episode, we are joined by our lovely friend Jade, who captivates us with her deft storytelling abilities on how to protect your panties, what’s shocking about Japan, what not to do in a taxi, and the ultimate aquarium escapade.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Identity, Everyday Joys and Flipping Tables

In this episode Wendy and Juan discuss about Cultural Homelessness, Identity and what are TCK’s. We also talk about the little joys of everyday, flipping tables and why Wendy is a giant.

cultural homelessness
Opinion piece

Cultural Homelessness

Some people might find themselves in a state of cultural homelessness. A cognitive dissonance between their authentic self and the culture that represents them. They can’t reconcile their values and views with the realities they see.

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