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Kind empowerment and identity

Kind Empowerment and Identity

Welcome to our first edition of the Kind Empowerment newsletter! This week, we want to talk about identity and how we go about defining it.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Tohoku Escapade Part 1

Hey listeners!

Welcome to the Don’t Tell my Grandma Podcast Tohoku Escapade edition!


In this episode Wendy and Juan share the wonderful experiences and misadventures lived during their trip to the north region of mainland Japan. Home of del…

screen time
Opinion piece

Green Time Over Screen Time

These days, it’s a real struggle to limit our screen time. To balance out time spent in front of the screen, we can head outdoors and connect with nature.

dismiss my harshest critic
Opinion piece

How I Dismissed my Harshest Critic

Today I will address how we internalize the voices around us, how that builds self-doubt, and how I dismissed my harshest critic.

start anyway
Opinion piece

Yes, You Should Start Anyway

You don’t have to be completely prepared, have all the answers, or succeed at the highest level in business to be fulfilled. So start anyway.

impetus to create
Opinion piece

Impetus to Create

Building an impetus to create requires more than just passion and creativity. You have to be ready to make the process part of who you are.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Host Clubs, After COVID Life & Upgrading

Hey listeners!

In this episode of the Don’t Tell my Grandma podcast Wendy and Juan talk about another oddity of Japanese culture, Host Clubs. Juan will do his best to explain to Wendy, and the audience, what Host Clubs are, and what is their appeal….

Learning to Let Go
Opinion piece

Learning to Let Go

Today we bring you a thought. Learning to let go and accept randomness can become the most significant factor in your mental health.

The Journey of Learning that Life is NOT About Us

Life is NOT About Us

People are now more concerned about inconveniences than safety. Some even engaging in reckless behavior. If we want to overcome this hardship we have to be willing to work with each other. It is now more important than ever to embark in the journey of learning that life is NOT about us.

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