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Mental Health

The promise to make us whole

The Promise to Make Us Whole

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This week, we want to talk briefly about craving happiness and success and how the market is tricking us into feeling incomplete and broken to sell us stuff the promise to make us whole.


Madness Behind the Music w/ Natarowei

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Natarowei, as her fans know her is a talented artist and composer who doesn’t hold back on expressing her raw thoughts and emotions through her music and art.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Unraveling Laziness

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Hi listeners! Have you ever been called lazy or sluggish? Do you think the label lazy followed you throughout your life? Well, this week we have a thoughtful and deliberate conversation with our lovely friend Faron about the label lazy and the effect…

Tokyo Self-Care

Tokyo Self-Care

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This week, we want to talk briefly about self-care and share some of the ways we are making sure we put our mental health first.

Strengthening Body and Mind

Strengthening Body and Mind w/ Carmelle Jean-Francois

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It’s time to do the work of strengthening body and mind! We know it’s hard to put in the work to improve your life consistently. So today, we have the perfect guest to help you find your inner strength, build resilience out of your pain, and keep a smile while you lift those weights.


Burnout: All Gas, no Brakes

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This week, for those who like to go all gas, no brakes, we want to talk about burnout and how to know when it’s time to slow down.

betrayal and second chances

Betrayal and Second Chances

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This week, we want to talk about betrayal and whether we should carry the burden of giving second chances.

Choose your distraction

Choose Your Distraction

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This week, we want to talk about entertainment and how living for distractions makes us miserable.