Running Out of Limits

Running Out of Limits

This week, we want to discuss why going for a regular run might be the secret sauce for success and why you should pursue a life where you’re running out of limits.

Internal voices

Our Internal Voices

We live in constant fluctuation between awareness and disengaged habit; constantly listening to the ego voices in our heads. Let’s talk about internal voices.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Host Clubs, After COVID Life & Upgrading

Hey listeners!

In this episode of the Don’t Tell my Grandma podcast Wendy and Juan talk about another oddity of Japanese culture, Host Clubs. Juan will do his best to explain to Wendy, and the audience, what Host Clubs are, and what is their appeal….

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

What’s All The Ruckus About Minimalism

Hey friends!

Have you heard about minimalism? No? Well, two years ago we would have said the same thing. Nowadays it’s almost impossible not to have heard someone in our orbit talking about it; whether it be a coworker talking about how he now feels…

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Draw Journals and Furries

Hey friends! In this special episode, Juan is joined on the table by his friend Ace Rivera on a personal conversation about creating art, exploring your creativity, and how daily art creation can help your mental health.

mindset + habits = success

Mindset + Habits = Success

We rarely see how brilliance is produced. “Mastery is the product of genius!” we believe. Today I want you to challenge that way of thinking. Let’s discuss how mindset and habits breeds success.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Building Healthy Sleep Habits

Juan and Wendy share their own experiences with building healthy sleep habits and how the age of Corona is changing our relationship with sleep.

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