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carry yourself with care

Carry Yourself with Care

This week, we want to talk about how we carry ourselves, what it might be communicating about us, and why you should consider carrying yourself with care.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

How to Navigate Tough Conversations With Loved Ones

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Juan and Wendy are back with another conversation about effective communication, specifically tough conversations and how to have them. It’s not easy confronting our loved ones when we have something sensitive or controversial to discuss. If you’ve been struggling to have that conversation with a loved one, Wendy and Juan share some pointers based on their experiences.

Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast

Love by Correspondence

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Hey listeners!

In this special episode all about correspondence, we talk letters and loved ones.

In this day and age of technology, many of us have given in to the convenience of immediate, dry communication and have forgotten about the gratifying…