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Don't Tell my Grandma podcast
Don't Tell my Grandma
Juan and Wendy's Unscripted Adventures: Life, Fandom, and Real Estate

Join Juan and Wendy’s Unscripted Adventures as they dive into a whirlwind of topics, from personal life updates to exploring the world of pop culture and real estate! 

In this episode, they’ll share their thoughts on the last episode of the critically acclaimed TV series, “The Last Of Us,” and how it impacted their viewing experience. As they embark on a journey into the housing market, listen in on their research, discoveries, and insights as they navigate the complex world of real estate. 

Tune in for a casual, informative, and entertaining conversation that’s bound to make you feel like you’re catching up with friends!

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Juan and Wendy's Unscripted Adventures
Don’t Tell my Grandma Podcast

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