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Candid and cultured conversations about relationships, self-doubt, and life’s challenges from a quirky couple with different backgrounds and origins living in Tokyo.

A Life of Meaning Beyond Adversity w/ John Davis

Have you ever consider what is beyond adversity and pain? Are you feeling like life is telling you to slow down and throw the towel? Do you struggle to make sense of the struggle? Well, we think today’s conversation might help you find some answers to these questions.

Breakthrough After Betrayal w/ Dr. Debi Silber

Hi listeners! Today we sat down with Dr. Debi Silber and had an intimate conversation about betrayal and how it affects your mind, body, and the others around you. We also talked about overcoming a crisis and how they are an opportunity for growth. D…

Divorce, Infidelity, and Expectations w/ Matt Pallotta

In our discussion with Matt, we dive into society’s expectations of marriage, different infidelity levels, the impacts of infidelity on us, and life after divorce. We’re excited to share new perspectives and steer the conversation towards understanding and accepting more unconventional relationship standards.

Our Journey So Far

Hi listeners!

As we bring this season to a conclusion, we take a minute to reminisce on our progress on this journey of discovery and growth. We have struggled so much. We have learned so much more. But more importantly, we can’t…

Self-worth and Accepting Praise

Hi listeners! Please pull up a chair as we share our thoughts about self-worth and how our past experiences and environments have shaped the way we feel about ourselves.

Video Games for Dummies

Hi listeners!

In this week’s episode, Wendy and Juan will revisit their childhood and talk about their experiences with video games, gaming culture, and playing games as an adult.

What is your favorite video game?

The Colors of Friendship

Hi listeners!

This episode shines a spotlight on friendship and how making friends changes throughout the different stages in our lives. For most of us, friendships become more challenging after we graduate and enter the workplace. We have c…

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