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Don't Tell my Grandma
Don't Tell my Grandma
Being Laid Off, Comfort Food, and a Purr-fect Movie

In this episode of the “Don’t Tell My Grandma podcast” Juan and Wendy celebrate their podcast’s acquisition by Wuff Media, a subsidiary of Big Paw Inc., and introduce their new dog manager, Fritz. The duo share their love for Dominican comfort food, with a special focus on Pescado Frito, and their quest to find the perfect fried fish meal in Arizona. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities of being laid off, emphasizing the importance of resilience and having a backup plan. 

Shifting to a lighter topic, they review the delightful animated movie, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, praising its humor, storytelling, and animation. 

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Welcome back to Don’t Tell My Grandma podcast,he best podcast about science, culture, and mental healthy Tech by Dog.
I am your host, Juan, and I’m joined, as always,y the biggest dog lover in the world, Wendy.
Wendy, how are you doing?
Oh, I love that intro.
You killed it.
Unlike you killed the title of a moviee’re going to talk about later.
That just adds to the fun.
I love it.
And I love you.
Please don’t ever get it right.
How are you doing?
I’m great.
How are you?
You’re great.
You look like you’re doing great.
You’re laughing a lot.
Thanks to you.
Oh, well, great.
I am doing OK, actually.
I am struggling a little bit with my words,ut you know what, it’s fine.
We all do.
Folks, the rumors are right.
The rumors are right.
They’re true.
We were acquired by a company.
And now you’re going to hear the Don’t Tell My Grandmaodcast run by Wolf Media, which is part of Big Paul Inc.
Big what?
Big Paul.
Who’s that?
It’s the big corporation that owns us.
Big Paul?
Big Paul, yeah.
Yeah, they own the company that owned the company that own us.
And so as a consequence, our staff now is full of dogs.
And they’re running everything from the writerst the bottom all the way to the CPO, Chief Paw Officer.
So as you can see, there’s going to beome changes in the podcast.
Probably we’ve been teasing one of themn the last few episodes.
We are now working with a manager.
His name is Fritz.
He is busy over there.
Yeah, he is on us.
He’s constantly making sure that we are on topic.
And that we only touch the topics that dogs appreciate.
Except when he doesn’t care right now, because food.
Well, yeah, he’s occupied with food.
But at any time, he’s going to be here.
And he’s going to be fact checking everythinghat we say here.
Because if it wasn’t for him, we would be sayingll other crazy things.
We’d just be spreading fake news all around town.
That’s right.
And he’s not having that, you know?
No, he’s not having it.
Because food.
Food, that’s right.
Hey, speaking of food–
Yeah, go ahead.
You know what kind of food I like?
What food do you like?
I like Dominican food.
Why do you say it with such a greedy smile?
Like you’re being forced to say something.
I’m not.
Tell it with heart.
Make me feel like it’s true.
I mean, Fritz told me to add this.
But it’s true, people.
Ladies and gentlemen–
We’re not going to be able to record this episode right now.
You’re having like a hysteria attack right now.
I wholeheartedly love Dominican food, especially
Dominican dishes.
So not just one kind of fish.
All of what I’ve tried so far.
The best I would say was the pescado frito, which is–hat was it?
Red snapper?
Red snapper.
I’m sure listeners really felt that.
I’m sure they did.
I hope they did.
If you haven’t seen fried fish, Dominican style–ook for it on Google.
It’s amazing.
It looks so appetizing.
It’s the whole fish.
It’s not like what you would find here in the Westhere you just have the fillet, right?
And it’s usually not fried.
Like they don’t fry fish.
Yeah, which is really surprising because Americans fryverything.
But I guess they just don’t know how to fry a good fish.
At least– well, maybe if we were near the coast,e would be exposed to different dishes.
But so far, we have not found a good fried fish meal out.
So we’re going to try to make it ourselves.
Well, I mean, part of it is being in Arizona, right?
Yeah, everything’s imported.
And it’s just–
So hard to find the right ingredients.
Yeah, exactly.
But yeah, as you said, my idea of the life in the beachs the sound waves, the sound from the waves, fried fish,nd some coconut.
That’s it.
That is life in the beach.
You mean– oh, yeah, like a fresh coconut to drink from?
Oh, yeah.
That is bliss.
And yeah, it just takes you straight to the island.
Straight to the shore of this beautiful beach.
With crystal blue water, dancing, music, galore,ust the ultimate vibe.
And eating that kind of food is not somethinghat I grew up with either.
So when I was able to eat that for the first time,
I was just taken to another dimension.
Another dimension.
I’ll take you to another dimension with my fishnd my cooking.
Get ready.
Thank you.
I know we were talking the other day,hat is your comfort food when you’re not feeling wellr you want to just go back to a time that you were happier?
Well, whatever it was for me, I don’t remember itfter eating Dominican food.
So now Dominican food.
For me, it didn’t come to me right away.
But now that I think about it, it’s like, oh, absolutelyried fish.
It’s so good.
It makes me feel happy.
And it’s so easy to make.
It’s very accessible in the artist.
Oh, I’ll show you.
We haven’t cooked it yet ourselves.
But again, because it’s so hard to find.
But we are in a mission today.
We’re going to go try to find that red snapper.
Well, we’ll see how easy it is to see how you can cook it.
Well, I can tell it’s not harder than making Sancocho.
And that’s a very involved process.
What’s Sancocho?
Sancocho is a kind of like stew, Dominican stew,hat has a lot of veggies, a lot of meats.
Root veggies.
Very thick root veggies.
To be specific.
Very, very hearty.
A good dish for winter, I would say,ven though there’s really no winter in the yard.
But it’s really, really good.
And we have made that one.
So oh, yeah.
Frits is here trying to–
He just fact checked you.
–fact checking us.
He was like, yeah, that’s right.
No winter in the yard.
Carry on.
So yeah, it’s really involved.
And it takes a lot of work.
But when you do it, it makes a lot of servingso you can enjoy it for a while.
And yeah, look it up.
It’s great.
And we’re going to work today on makinghat delicious fried fish and treat ourselveso something great.
That’s right.
Because we deserve it.
So what else are we going to catch up on today?
Well, I think it’s important to talk about the victories.
It also is important to talk about the losses.
And I know I’ve been saying a lothat I’m so busy, I’ve been working so much.
But I think, at least the way I see it now, decision was taken for me.
And I was laid off from one of my jobs.
Yeah, that was a decision made for you.
I guess so, yeah.
We were definitely struggling with allhe responsibilities.
It was nice to have the income.
But thankfully, it’s not one of the most pivotal income sourceshat we have.
But still, it definitely sucks that I’m notoing to be able to continue working in this companyhat I really enjoyed working on.
The team was really nice.
And the project that I was working onas something that I was excited about.
But yeah, it’s not a good feeling.
I think it’s important that we talk about the facthat sometimes things that we want don’t materialize.
And how do we feel about it?
Have you ever been laid off?
I have not.
So I don’t know how that feels.
I’m sure it must bring that sinking feeling.
I don’t think anyone is really thrilled about itnless it’s a job that you absolutely hatend you’ve been having a hard time quitting or something.
And then if that happens, maybe thatould be a liberating feeling on the other hand.
But yeah, for you, I felt like it kind of came suddenly.
You weren’t expecting that.
I was not.
And many people aren’t.
But it’s something that’s also to be lookedt from a different angle, which is, in this case,reeing up time for things that you want to do more ofr that you want to revisit.
So I think one door closes, another door opensind of situation.
And I’m sure it’s hard to look at it that way,specially after you lose a job that you care about.
I think it is once you meditate on it and once it sinks in,t’s good to try to figure out, whatan I fill this time with that will be more meaningfulnd bringing me more fulfillment?
So I think that’s what you’re going to focus on from heren out, right?
Yeah, absolutely.
As you said, sometimes we are justrapped in this cycle of just constantly focusing on justhe work that we have right now.
We are unable to see beyond the responsibilitieshat we have at the time.
And sometimes we dream like, OK, I really want to,
I don’t know, change my career, explore something else,omething different.
But we say to ourselves, I can’t because I have a job,
I have to pay the bills.
And in a way, we use that as a crutch, as an excuse.
I understand that a lot of peoplectually can’t afford to lose a job.
Like if they lose that job, it would be catastrophic for them.
They don’t have that delivery, but some peopleo use that as an excuse because they justre afraid of doing something different or getting outnto the unknown.
And for us, thankfully, as we’ve been talking at length for,
I don’t know, for years now, we prepared.
We were aware that something like that could happen.
And we were preparing for years sohat we are resilient enough that if we lose one, two jobs,e can still survive and pivot.
And in a way, I was already discussing,ike, yeah, I kind of want to do something else.
I wish I had more time to do other things,o explore more this, to keep working on our creativity.
But the income was really welcomed, especially nowecause we were starting a new life and everything.
But we did enough.
And now I think that’s what we should allet out of this experience, that it’s not going to–ike it’s going to rock you, but it’s not going to destroy you.
And as long as you’ve prepared, as difficult as your situations, as tight as your budget is, you can’t prepare.
It just varies the length of preparation.
You can survive this and make it a learning experience.
Yeah, and I think it’s important to not putll your eggs in one basket.
A lot of people get comfy where they are.
And some people want that in life,ust to live in that comfort zone.
But there are unexpected challenges that arise.
And you do have to be ready for that,specially if you’re taking care of other people or other dogsn your life.
You don’t want to just rely on one sole jobnd not have a backup plan.
But at the same time, you don’t wanto spread yourself too thin by working multiple jobsnd not having any energy for anything outside of that.
So I think that’s something to keep in mind, too.
It’s a juggling act.
It’s all about balance.
It’s all about balance.
Yeah, yeah.
But that’s something that we’re being more mindful ofnd taking into consideration during this time.
But I’m really glad that you had that experienceo work with that team and make a difference in pets and petwners or mommy and daddy’s life.
And they’re very lucky to have you on their team as well.
Thank you.
Yeah, and we should all just embrace whatever feelinge’re feeling at the moment.
Let it go through us and get up and keep moving forward.
And if you’ve gone through a similar situationnd you’re struggling with it or you have somethinghat you would like to share with other people,lease let us know.
We’d love to hear your thoughts and your ideas, your jokes,hatever you want to share.
Write to us at don’
We would love to just know that you’re out therend that you are enjoying our conversations.
Raise your hand if you exist.
That’s right.
There was a reminder from our manager letting us knowhat we need to plug our email.
Oh, yes.
Thank you, manager.
Thank you, manager.
So moving on from that, let’s talk about something more fun.
What have we been watching?
I don’t know.
I should ask you.
No, don’t make me say that again.
We watched a lovely movie.
I just can’t remember the name of it.
You’re so mean.
You got it.
We practiced.
Puss in Boots.
That was perfect.
The Last Wish.
Yay, I did it.
You did it.
Yay, clap with me.
Thank you, manager.
My manager is so happy.
Thank you, Fritzie.
Thank you, Fritzie.
No, you have to do.
Thank you, Fritzie.
Very cool.
Thank you.
You loved it.
Yes, I’m glad you remembered to add that.
So we watched Puss in Boots last night, and we were blown away.
Unfortunately, we waited to watch it at home on our computer screenecause we don’t have a TV set up or a–hat is it called– projector set up in the living room yet.
So we just watched it from the computer.
But man, it didn’t even matter because we were hooked from the beginning.
It was a flawless movie, I got.
It was a flawless story, I think.
I think.
It was.
The animation, I think this is the natural evolution of all the great thingshat animation has been doing from different creators, different studios.
They seem to have learned from not just the movies that they have made,ut also what other movies have made.
There was a lot of Into the Spider-Verse in this movie,n the way the movement was animated, how they used low frame rateo make it look more cartoony in a way, but also so dynamic.
The close ups with the fast movements, the choreography was astounding,nd the camera work.
Because in animation, you can put the camera anywhere you want.
It was so, so great.
And our expectation from a movie like this, because the previous Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots wasn’t as a memorable movie in any shape or form.
But this one was–his movie didn’t need to be this good.
It didn’t.
It didn’t.
They just really cared about it.
You could see that they really care about the dialogue, the art,very single joke was landed.
But most of them did.
I feel like most of them did.
The humor in the movie was so good.
The message was amazing.
The villain was terrifying.
It was so good.
Definitely not a little kid’s show, but the messaging for older kidsas spot on.
Yeah, I was feeling it so good.
I was so into the movie from the beginning.
Yeah, I was feeling it too.
And you know what I liked about the movie too?
They definitely had a lot of people who are dog lovers.
Because the way that they–h my gosh, they just poured their love into that little doggy.
They just–
My favorite character.
He was just a beautiful character that reminded us that life is short.
That you should look at things positively.
And because life is so short, you should live it to its fullestnd be with the people that are meaningful to you.
Do the things that are meaningful and cherish the moment.
Yeah, there were so many great messages like found family,ow to appreciate trust and life and friendship.
Not in a cheesy way.
Not in the way that they dumb it down to kids.
It was a message that adults could also relate to and appreciate it.
And again, this movie didn’t need to be this good.
It was so good.
And they– oh my god, we don’t want to spoil it.
Just go watch it.
Go watch it.
Show some love for that movie.
People that work on it really, really care.
And I really hope that they make more movies like this.
Me too.
These are the kind of movies that we need.
I could talk about that movie all the time.
I think that’s going to be one of the movieshat I’m going to watch like once a year.
Oh, I’m going to watch it like once a month.
Yeah, it’s all good.
And our manager really appreciates you getting connected with Pareto.
He did.
He did.
Don’t blame him.
He has the same goofy face.
With the side tongue.
And he likes to come and rest his head on our lapso remind us that we’re loved and cared for.
Loves when we rub his tummy.
If you watch the movie, you’re going to know what.
And that it just it also makes us want to go back and watch the Shrek movies, too.
Oh, my God. Yes.
Shrek marathon. Let’s go.
Shrek marathon.
What are you doing Sunday night?
You know, we’re going to do.
Yes. Yeah, there you go.
That’s what we’re going to do.
Shrek marathon.
Yeah, manager approves.
And with that, we’re going to leave you guys.
Go watch the movie.
If you have any recommendations for us as far as what to watch,hen please let us know.
Yeah, you know the email.
Don’t tell my grandma podcast at
Love to hear from you.
And we’re going to go do some shopping and then continue with the week.
Yeah, we really love you and we’ll see you next time.

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