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Do better by doing

Do Better by Doing

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This week, we want to talk about sucking at things and why you should do them anyway. Why you can do better by doing.

Happiness and time travelers

Happiness and Time Travelers

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This week, we want to talk about Happiness Objects and Time Travelers —it’s going to make sense, I promise.

Building fulfillment

Building Fulfillment

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Hey friends! Welcome to the Kind Empowerment newsletter. This week, we want to talk about building fulfillment.

Kind empowerment and identity

Kind Empowerment and Identity

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Welcome to our first edition of the Kind Empowerment newsletter! This week, we want to talk about identity and how we go about defining it.

start anyway

Yes, You Should Start Anyway

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You don’t have to be completely prepared, have all the answers, or succeed at the highest level in business to be fulfilled. So start anyway.

impetus to create

Impetus to Create

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Building an impetus to create requires more than just passion and creativity. You have to be ready to make the process part of who you are.

mindset + habits = success

Mindset + Habits = Success

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We rarely see how brilliance is produced. “Mastery is the product of genius!” we believe. Today I want you to challenge that way of thinking. Let’s discuss how mindset and habits breeds success.