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Don't Tell my Grandma podcast
Don't Tell my Grandma
A Life of Meaning Beyond Adversity w/ John Davis

Hi friends!

Have you ever consider what is beyond adversity and pain? Are you feeling like life is telling you to slow down and throw the towel? Do you struggle to find meaning in the hustle? Well, we think today’s conversation might help you find some answers to these questions.

John Davis (known as the corporate action hero) is a performer at heart and a legend by choice. He has done thousands of speeches and has worked with many corporations and institutions, helping them get inspired and build a strong sense of leadership and support.

At 22 years old, John’s spine broke in half, dashing his dreams of being a Stuntman, Fight Director, and Martial Artist. Doctors told him he might never walk again, and if he did, he could never have a physical career. Using what he now calls the “Five F Formula,” John Overcame the limiting beliefs of others and brought himself back.

Join us as we have a candid and fun conversation with John, and we explore what it means to work on yourself, look beyond adversity, and develop a different view of the world.

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A Life of Meaning Beyond Adversity - Don't Tell my Grandma Podcast
Don’t Tell my Grandma Podcast

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