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it's ok to be bored

It’s OK to be Bored. Even in These Times…

Boredom is commonly seen as that state of the mind that must be cast away by all means. It’s very likely that you are trying to escape boredom. We must be stimulated at all times right? Well, not really.

simplifying our lives
Opinion piece

Simplifying Our Lives With An Egg on Top

We need to learn how to manage stress and our reaction to societal pressures and trivial hurdles. We need to learn how to do this without letting our emotions get the best of us. How can we make it easier on ourselves? How do we simplify our lives?

virus, misinformation, and toilet paper
Opinion piece

Virus, Misinformation, and Toilet Paper

As a species, we are facing a great existential challenge. As a society, we are already seeing major changes in the way we do travel, events and business.

Base your Decisions on Facts not Fear
Opinion piece

Base your Decisions on Facts not Fear

At some point in your life, you will find yourself facing a moment of difficulty. A moment where you decide to retreat, to retract inward instead of moving forward. This is fear doing it’s thing. And you’re letting it take over your life.

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