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Do better by doing

Do Better by Doing

This week, we want to talk about sucking at things and why you should do them anyway. Why you can do better by doing.

Useless knowledge

Useless Knowledge

This week, we want to talk about “useless knowledge” and how knowing a bunch of stuff about your favorite TV shows could get you a job.

Internal voices

Our Internal Voices

We live in constant fluctuation between awareness and disengaged habit; constantly listening to the ego voices in our heads. Let’s talk about internal voices.

The Journey of Learning that Life is NOT About Us

Life is NOT About Us

People are now more concerned about inconveniences than safety. Some even engaging in reckless behavior. If we want to overcome this hardship we have to be willing to work with each other. It is now more important than ever to embark in the journey of learning that life is NOT about us.